The Hekate Symposium 2018

THANK YOU to everyone who made the Hekate Symposium 2018 (Glastonbury) such a very special event. First and foremost the speakers: Karin Rainbird, Georgi Mishev, Christina Pandolfo, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Arabela Jade, Mary Bruce, Andrea Angelos and Sorita d’Este; and of course to all the stallholders and everyone who attended.

There are no plans for this event in 2019, and there has been talk and suggestions to take it to other parts of the world. … So lets see!

Until then, here are some photos for you to remember 2018 by:

The Hekate Symposium - The Mother of the Gods, The Goddess of the Crossroads - Hekate or Hecate - a weekend dedicated to this Goddess in Glastonbury!

Karin Rainbird, Hekate Symposium 2018.  Talk on NeoPlatonism and the Orphic Hekate.
Hekate Symposium 2018 - Sorita d'Este, Christina Pandolfo, Karin Rainbird, Georgi Mishev, Jake Stratton Kent, Andrea Angelos, Arabela Jade,