The Hekate Symposium

292590_391586720961145_1877111640_n~ Taking a Break!

There will not be a Hekate Symposium in 2015 & 2016

However, keep an eye on for smaller Hekate related events, including the Covenant of Hekate Sanctuaries – some of which host open meetings.  

Sorita d’Este, who organises the Hekate Symposium, will be spending the Summer of 2015 and Spring of 2016 doing research around some of the many amazing sacred sites of Europe and Asia.  You can follow her updates on  She will again start teaching and organising events in Summer 2016, including smaller Hekate related events. Details will be shared on the previous link and in due course

There are some plans for a Hekate Retreat in the summer of 2016 – details will be announced soon.  Join the Facebook group for the Symposium – or subscribe to events on Sorita’s facebook page for updates.

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