The Hekate Symposium 2018

THANK YOU!  Online bookings for this event is now closed.
Tickets for Saturday (daytime only) is still available – turn up and pay at the door – £35 (cash only please).
Explore the PROGRAM 2018
Saturday – The Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury High Street
Sunday – The Avalon Room, The Avalon Foundation
(next to the Goddess Temple, go up the stairs by StarChild in the Glastonbury Experience Courtyard)

The Hekate Symposium - The Mother of the Gods, The Goddess of the Crossroads - Hekate or Hecate - a weekend dedicated to this Goddess in Glastonbury!

The Hekate Symposium, drawing of an icon of Hekate showing her with the radiant crown (indicating a connection to the Sun or Moon) and holding a dagger and snake or whip. Hekate is also sometimes spelled Hecate, which is the Roman transliteration.

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* Non-Profit Event! ALL the profits from this event will be donated to a Temple Building Project in Bulgaria.  Nearly 2500 Euros were raised late last year in an online drive for this private project, which has helped the project a great deal.  Every little helps and more information on how you can donate something to this project will be made available here shortly.  The royalties from the Hekate: Her Sacred Fires (which is used towards different non-profit causes each year) project for the period Sept 2017 – Sept 2018 will also be donated to the second round of fundraising for this project. 

Please support this community event by sharing this page with friends and others interested in the Goddess Hekate, the goddesses, Paganism and Witchcraft.