The Rite of Her Sacred Fires 2021

Sunday 23 May 2021 at 1:00pm BST (12:00pm UTC)

In 2010 Sorita d’Este created the Rite of Her Sacred Fires as a devotional offering upon the completion of the devotional anthology Hekate: Her Sacred Fires. That year more than 2000 people from around the world participated in the ceremony in more than 10 languages; and in subsequent years this became a yearly celebration of the connection between devotees, regardless of their respective traditions. The ceremony is currently available in more than 24 languages.

2021 is the first time the Hekate Symposium is truly international and open to all, a virtual crossroads where we can gather regardless of geographical distance our financial and other personal circumstances. Throughout the two days we take time to take a deep breath and stop to celebrate the union we have with other devotees from around the world, and the hope we have to understand the Goddess.

For the Hekate Symposium 2021, the Rite of Her Sacred Fires celebrants includes PH Barron (Esperanto, Wales); Bendis (English, USA); Kenn (English, UK); Ness (English, Scotland); Giovanna (Spanish, Spain), Alexia Moon (Portugal), Morgana (Netherlands)
More to be announced here soon.

A Shrine for the Goddess Hekate at a festival in her honour in Glastonbury, 2013.