Sponsors: Kourotrophos

The Goddess Hekate as "child's nurse" or Kourotrophos as described in Hesiod's Theogony and many other ancient texts

The Hekate Symposium 2021 involved a leap of faith into the dark when it was decided to make tickets available at different prices, including a “by donation” option (with no minimum) to make it possible for people from all over the world, regardless of local exchange rates and earning power, and regardless of financial hardship to participate as equals.  This was inspired by the Equality Meals offered to Hekate and Zeus in Ancient Anatolia.  Through the support of more than 40 sponsors, this has been possible, and it has also been possible to commission additional lectures and resources for all participants. 

Thank you to those of you who through your generosity enabled the Symposium to go ahead with more than 300 individuals from around the world have been able to sign up for the Polimorphy ticket (by donation, and for as little as £1!) for the Hekate Symposium 2021 and are able to participate in this event without prejudice or financial hardship.  Thank you!   

  • Jennifer Bower
    Wanda Denton
    Kari Flores
    Lisa Allen
    Cherie Green
    Melissa Thorn
    David Todd
    Laurie Sherman
    Sara Kiner
    Laura von Bosau
    Michael Agee
    Kelly Miess
    Lusete of A Wiccan Life: https://wiccanlife.co.uk/
    Tamrha Gatti Richardson and Braxis Moodye of Hoofandhornpodcast.com
    Niki Jones
    Jason Mote
    Margarita Korsakova
    Annelise Fabian
    April Flett
    Nixie Catt
    Lind Meyers
    Valerie Schuster
    Cheryl Reynolds
    Claudia Ruffin
    Diana Payton
    Hank Relic
    Matthew Robson
    David Lindqvist
    Alicia Moon Dahlen
    Ronia Blake
    Michael Paulmeno
    Phillip Pendleton
    Kris Marks
    Alchemical durgee
    Mary Bruce – see https://www.avalonherbalmedicine.com/marybruce
    Carolin Kamenz
    Harper Feist
    Billy Parks
    Louise Bunn
    Lisa Fortuner
    Amelia Nunez
    Richard Rolfe
    Hector Sambolin jr
    Robert Thomas

If you are one of the Sponsors for the Hekate Symposium 2021 and want your name to appear differently, or a link to your website or blog included above, please email hekatesymposium@gmail.com with details and we will update it for you!