Skin Surface Substance by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

[Parental Guidance] [20-30 mins]

Extracts from Orryelle’s new performance and installation at Edge Galleries (Maldon Australia) May 7th 2021 for Samhain (southern hemisphere)What is (/on) the surface, what is below the surface, what is substantial and what is essential? The very nature of reality is in question here:  not just material substance but the energetic and esoteric realities beneath or beyond (yet via) physical appearances. The artist explores texture in drawing & painting and illusions of depth in two-dimensional surfaces, to pry open what lies ‘within’.  Multiple textural layers peeled back like the veils of Samhain, interacted with in a rite composed of butoh dance, harmonic chanting, violin, and incantation. The sections of this performance relevant to Hekate as the Guide between realms will be extracted and edited together with other material to create a short film-document of the performance ritual, which will also be the first public unveiling of the artist’s completed Hekate oil painting (launch prints of the work will also be available at a discounted price to Symposium attendees)
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