Friday, Fringe

21 May 2021 – From 19:00pm to 21:00pm UK BST) or starting 14:00 in EST.
Make sure to check that in your time zone!

All fringe events on Thursday and Friday are available at no additional cost to all ticket holders for the Hekate Symposium 2021. All events will be recorded and available for 90 days to ticket holders.


(Please note that although we are going to do our best to stick to the program, it is subject to change. )

19:00pm : Opening Meditation by Magin Rose

19:30pm : How to speak the language of the Gods by Dr Sasha Chaitow

20:30pm: Hekate’s Auguries with Arabela Jade & Drayk Benfield. Join Arabela & Drayk Live for an introduction to Tarot, as well as short readings for participants joining live.

21:30pm: A dialogue with Jeff Cullen Sorita d’Este speaks with Jeff Cullen about his book Liber Khthonia, herbs and all sorts!

22:30pm: Orpheus in Tartarus by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule -an extract from Orryelle’s recent esoterotic feature film ‘Solve et Coagula’, with additional footage. (streamed)

23:30pm: Skin Surface Substance’ -Extracts from Orryelle’s new performance and installation at Edge Galleries (Maldon Australia) May 7th 2021 for Samhain (southern hemisphere). (streamed)