Opening Ceremony – Gio Diaz

Sunday, 23 May 2021. 16:00pm UK BST (15:00pm UTC, or 11:00am EST)

Join Gio in an opening ceremony blessing ceremony, live from Spain.
If possible, ensure that you will be comfortable and undisturbed for the duration of this ceremony so that you can participate and focus on the ceremony fully.

Gio Diaz has been a devotee of Hekate for nearly a decade Member of several Hekatean Temples and Organizations including  the Covenant of Hekate in 2013, she subsequently became both a Torchbearer and Keybearer. Gio facilitates the Sanctuary of Hekate Propylaia. Gio has recently been ordained as a priestess of Hecate and Isis in the Stellar Labyrinth lyceum Iseum- Fellowship of Isis, she also practices a personal path of Traditional Witchcraft and Veneficium. When not engaging in mischief with her horde of wicked and joyful spirits (her kids, cat and husband minion) she enjoys making sacred food.