Following Her Torches by Christina Moraiti

Saturday 22 May 2021 at 9:00pm BST (8:00pm UTC)

The Project “Following Her Torches” is Christina’s pledge and main devotional work for Hekate, the Covenant and whoever seeks to find her throughout the world. With technology as her tool along with travelling, she has discovered and listed more than 130 places of interest where statues, reliefs and votives of the Goddess Hekate can be found, proving her existence, worship and influence across the centuries.

Taken, gifted, stolen or salvaged, pieces of art related to Hekate have spread across most of the continents of the world. Kept in Museums, their storages, Galleries and private collections, engraved on metal and gemstones, carved on marble, wood and stone, Her Polymorphus Grace remains to remind people of how adaptable Gods can be from antiquity up to the 21st century. Sometimes standing in obvious posture and sometimes shrouded with enigmas, Hekate’s forms stand on display in the greatest museums of the world, guarding her Mysteries for the few; while shown to many. From Athens to London and from New York to Istanbul, Hekate is everywhere, holding her Torches for the Ones who seek her out.

Christina Moraiti

Christina was born and raised in Greece. Since she was a little girl she believed in many Gods, later she found out there were words, rituals and oaths for her beliefs. Surrounded by temples, statues and streets named after Gods and Heroes, becoming a polytheist came very naturally to her. She devoted herself to the Goddess Hekate when she was 24 years old and joined the Covenant of Hekate in her path for devotion and continuous practice. Six years later, as a Torchbearer and Keybearer of the Covenant of Hekate, she has taken vows to serve through her devotion and seek the truth of Her Mysteries, enlighten and become enlightened of her many aspects via her Epithets.

You can see her Torchbearer/Keybearer page at the Covenant of Hekate‘s Website for more info on her.

Christina Moraiti
Christina Moraiti

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