A Place of Worship by Georgi Mishev PhD

Saturday 22 May 2021 at 5:00pm BST (4:00pm UTC)

This is an introduction to a consecrated temple space managed by a group of devotees is created and dedicated to the old Gods – in particular the Goddess Hekate and the God Dionysos, with their close association with the ancient Mysteries. There they are celebrated and worshiped in this space alongside a pantheon of other deities and spirits. The process of creation and invoking the sacred is not only to provide a space for worship for a particular group, but also to inspire future generations of devotees to create such spaces for the Gods around the world. The role and the significance of such place is the topic of this talk.

Georgi Mishev, PhD is a Bulgarian author and researcher in ancient culture and religion of the Mediterranean world and especially in magic practices, rituals and ancient relics in the folklore of the Balkan people. He has a bachelor’s degree in Russian and German language, a master’s degree in Preservation of the cultural-historical heritage in the Republic of Bulgaria (master’s thesis on the subject Thracian material and immaterial cultural-historical heritage in the region of Thracian cult centre Starosel) and doctoral degree in the field of cultural-historical heritage (PhD thesis on the subject Bulgarian traditional culture as an information resource about the magica in ancient Southeastern Europe).

Georgi is the author of Thracian Magic and the forthcoming book Washing Rituals.

Georgi Mishev
Georgi Mishev

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