A Guide to Grimoiring by Jake Stratton Kent

Sunday 23 May 2021 at 7:00pm BST (6:00pm UTC)

Jake’s Guide to Grimoiring is going to be a highlight for this year’s Hekate Symposium. We hope to have more information about it here soon, but for those of you unfamiliar with Jake and his work, here is a summary!

Jake Stratton-Kent has been called the most notorious necromancer in England and describes himself as a ‘very late Late Pagan’. He has also written numerous pamphlets and articles for various publications from the mid-1970s to the current day.

He is the author of the Encyclopaedia Goetica; published by Scarlet Imprint comprising: Volume One: a reconstructed and extensively commented edition of the Grimorium Verum under the title The True Grimoire. Volume Two: Geosophia, an extensive two volume survey of the Greek origins and mythic background of goetia. Volume Three: The Testament of Cyprian the Mage, an analysis of the roots of the grimoires and their spirit hierarchies in Late Antiquity. In the same field, Pandemonium, a discordant concordance of diverse spirit catalogues, with Hadean Press.

He previously edited and contributed to an influential eleven-volume Journal: The Equinox – British Journal of Thelema. This is nowadays superseded by Conjure Codex, a serial anthology of writings on spirit conjuring traditions from around the world, ancient and modern; from Hadean Press. A ‘senile delinquent’, he has a background in the Youth Radicalisation and Free Festival Movement of the 1970s that has never entirely left him.

Find more of his work at https://scarletimprint.com/jake-strattonkent

Jake Stratton Kent
Jake Stratton Kent

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