The Conclave


Facilitated by Sorita d’Este.

Conclave, from cum clave (with a key), refers to a secret meeting, a meeting behind closed or locked doors. The Conclave is a dedicated space for students and devotees interested in learning more about the Goddess Hekate, as well as the other Theoi (gods). The practices, teachings and discussion of this group are private, and those who join the Conclave undertake to respect the privacy of other members, and to not share our material with non-members.

The Conclave will accept members from April 2022.

To join the Conclave you will have to first complete two short self-study courses – both these courses are available as a series of short video presentations with practical exercises. Each course can be completed in as little as six weeks, and students will have up to 6 months to complete the course once enrolled. You can complete both courses simultaneously.

a) Introduction to the Goddess Hekate (Available from November 2021)
b) Introduction to Western Magic (Available from November 2021)

There are no exceptions to the above requirement.

Membership to the Conclave is £60.00 per year (£5 a month) payable as one yearly subscription.
Discounted spaces are available, please get in touch.

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