2013 Hekate Symposium (Glastonbury)


The Second Hekate Symposium!


There are still people today whom Hekate continues to call to her mysteries – encouraging them to reach into the innermost parts of their souls to find the power that illuminates the darkness. We have been fortunate to encounter some of these individuals over the years, they come from all walks of life and from all over the world.  Men and women who continue to explore her mysteries through practices such as magic, witchcraft, herbalism and through song, art and dance. Amongst them modern day witches and magicians, shamans and mystics, each seeking to understand the arcane power that she continues to radiate.”
(Hekate Liminal Rites, d’Este & Rankine, 2009)

The Hekate Symposium 2013 ~ Program


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9:30 am – Doors Open, time to mingle with friends (old and new) make offerings at the shrine and browse the stalls!

10:15 am – Blessing Ceremony : Lead by Georgi Mishev (Threskeia) and Sorita d’Este (Covenant of Hekate), followed by the consecration of the shrines & ceremony of the unification of the elements lead by the Covenant of Hekate ritual team.

10:45 am – Circe, lover and sorceress by Sophia Kirke:  Sophia Kirke will be speaking of the sorceress Circe and leading the audience into a pathworking to encounter the famous pharmaka, daughter of the Sun and a Sea goddess, the lover and magickal teacher of Odysseus, mistress of metamorphosis, singer, weaver, cook, maker of potions, who knows the way to the underworld and its oracular secrets, a character of passion and great wisdom, of ambiguous and fascinating reputation. See >> About Sophia Kirke <<

11:45 am – Emily Carding & So Potent Arts presents ‘Hekate: Genesis’ – In an experimental fusion of classical theatre and ritual, we will weave a tale of creation, conflict, destruction and rebirth using text from a number of Shakespeare’s plays, including The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth and Hamlet. In the beginning, the Universe is created with the words of power…these words bring the elements into being and through Hekate they face their darkness and chaos before being brought together into balance and harmony, revived by her sacred fires. This will be the first production by Emily Carding’s Hermetic theatre company, ‘SO POTENT ARTS’, who work on the principle that all theatre has the potential to be an act of magic, and that all actors are magicians. See >> About Emily Carding and So Potent Arts <<

12:30 pm – Lunch – During the lunch break there will be attendants at the shrines for those who wish to make votive offerings.  All attendees are also welcomed to spend time in silent contemplation or meditation at the shrine during the lunch break (you can come and go as you please, but we ask that you do so quietly and with respect).  [This year our venue is in the heart of Glastonbury’s High Street, ideally located for the restaurants, cafes and shops the town has on offer!  The venue’s own cafe will also be open on the day serving drinks and snacks. This is also a chance for you to browse the stalls, admire and support the work of the various exhibitors at this year’s event. ]

13:30 pm – Oceanic Hecate: An exploration of Hecate’s water depths by Hazel. As one of her three realms, Hecate holds powers and shares dominion over the oceans and seas, as indicated by her epithet – Ειναλιαν Εκατη. Oceanic Hecate encompasses the world of emotions and personal acceptance to enhance perspective of ourselves and our relationships (friendships as well as romantic ones). This talk will present Oceanic Hecate on a personal, experiential and academic level leading onto how we can work with her for our own spiritual growth.  More information about Hazel, see >>  About Hazel <<

14:30 pm – The Goddess Hekate and the Wheel of the Year by Amelia Ounsted.  We know that in the ancient Mystery Traditions the Goddess Hekate were considered an important part of festivals marking the changing seasons. Many modern Pagans, Wiccans and Witches mark these progressions today in the eight-festival “Wheel of the Year” .The Goddess Hekate’s titles and roles in the ancient world does correlate to the symbolism found at the festivals in the eight Sabbat festivals, and Amelia will be talking about her research and practical work which lead her to create a system in which the Ancient Goddess Hekate fits into the eight festivals of the modern Wheel of the Year. >>About Amelia<<


15:45 pm – Georgi Mishev : The Four Faced Hekate – The Goddess Hekate is one of a number of multi-headed deities in European religious beliefs, others depicted as such include Janus, Hermes and Dionysos.  In this lecture Georgi will be giving an overview of the other deities depicted as multi-headed, as well as discussing the development of the Goddess Hekate from her original depiction as being monad (one-headed) through to having two, three and even four faces.  He will be drawing on literary and archaeological evidence, and consider this within the context of Orphic and Chaldean worldviews. Georgi is the author of Thracian Magic (2012), find our more about his work >>  <About Georgi Mishev>

17:00 pm – Sorita d’Este : Hekate, Illuminating the Mysteries, Shattering Illusions. – The Goddess Hekate is described frequently as being the lightbearer, the lamp-bearer and of course, famously Hekate is the torch-bearer, all of which describe roles and functions the Goddess Hekate was given in the ancient Mysteries.  But what does it mean to us today?  In this talk Sorita will bring together her knowledge of the historical Hekate with her experience of the Goddess in the 21st century seen through her own experience of working within Initiatory Craft and the Western Esoteric traditions, as well as insights gained talking with many dozens of people from around the world for the Hekate Her Sacred Fires project, and as a result of the Rite of Her Sacred Fires.  Hekate’s mysteries continue to enlighten us today, with her ability to guide us through the pathways of our own personal journeys – if we have the courage to face her brightness without being blinded by the light too bright too see. See >>About Sorita d’Este <<

~ Break ~  Devotional chanting and singing, and offerings for those who wish to participate.

6:30pm – Exhibitors’ stalls will remain available until 6:30pm, after which we will ask everyone to leave so that we can clear the space and prepare for the evening’s ritual theatre and ecstatic oracular ceremony.

7:45pm –  We ask that you all please return to the venue by 7:45pm for the evening rituals and regret that we will not be able to admit latecomers to the rituals as this is disruptive and would also be inappropriate.

8:00pm – Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule presents Liber Qoph vel HekateOrryelle (Australia) performs ‘Liber Qoph vel Hekate‘, a lunar adoration written as counterpoint to Crowley’s solar adoration ‘Liber Resh vel Helios’.  With violin, voice and dance, Orryelle will evoke the lunar phases, with special emphasis of course on our Dark Mother. (Liber Qoph vel Hecate is one of the appendices in Orryelle’s forthcoming book from Avalonia, ‘Time Fate and Spider Magic’).
Dancer.  3 dancers will represent the different lunar phases: Emily Carding, Aria Amarosa and Su Real, and Orryelle (violin, voice) will be accompanied by Andrea Kundry on gong and gamelan.  See >> About Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule <<

8:45 pm – Ecstatic Oracular Rite (Evening Ritual). All attendees are invited to join us in a ceremony blending primordial devotion and magic with modern ceremony, witchcraft and trance possession.  Facilitated by a Covenant of Hekate (www.hekatecovenant.com) ritual team. See >>About the Covenant of Hekate Ritual team <<

10:00pm – END.  There will be impromptu dancing, music making, and time to have a wind-down together until 11pm at the venue.

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