Hecate Rising (Short Film)

‘Hecate Rising’  – A film of an outdoor public ritual for the Pagan Federation (London, UK) which  explored different aspects of Hecate and samhain, from the witches of MacBeth to the Mexican Day of the Dead and Baron Samedi. Come and join the assembled company for a samhain celebration in the woods.

About Carrie Kirkpatrick

Carrie Kirkpatrick is an ordained Priestess of Hecate and clairvoyant who has been guiding people psychically and magically for thirty five years. She began working with the goddess twenty years ago and has worked extensively on TV
and in the media as a producer and presenter, teaching people how to connect to the goddess energies and has continued to work in television as a producer and director of factual programmes. She has written and photographed two books,  Goddess Enchantment – Magic & Spells: Volumes 1 & 2 and is the creator of the Goddess Enchantment Oracle App. Carrie and Caroline regularly run Goddess Days and priestess training both
online and in North London. For more info visit goddessenchantment.com

Carrie Kirkpatrick - Hecate Rising

Carrie will be co-presenting a talk and ritual with Caroline Wise as part of the Symposium on the weekend. Also see: Navigating the Pandemic Year by Caroline Wise & Carrie Kirkpatrick