2022 – Forthcoming


The Foundations of Magical Practice with Sorita d’Este

The Foundation of Magical Practice STUDY GROUP is happening again this OCTOBER. Book your place now.

(Please note that those of you who booked for the September study group, it is now starting in Mid-October, as per the emails you should have received – your bookings will be valid for the October group, you don’t need to do anything.) Learn with Sorita d’Este and explore the foundations of ritual, the Four Elements, the Seven Planets and other building blocks for successful ritual – regardless of tradition. (6-week course, by donation – no minimum donation – all are welcome).

The Torchlit Path with Sorita d’Este & Emily Carding

Torchlit Path: Explore the Goddess Hekate through history, devotion and creativity. 9-week course with Sorita d’Este and Emily Carding. You will receive recordings each week, as well as practical devotional exercises to follow; additionally we will meet once a week (through Zoom) for discussion and group devotional ceremonies. This course presents participants with insights into the history of the Goddess Hekate and challenges you towards regular devotional practice, combining what you have learned from history with your own creative spark. (9-week course, with concessions available. Book your place at