Visiting Glastonbury

glastonburytorOur events are based in Glastonbury, Somerset (England, UK) famous for its associations with King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay, Avalon, the occult author Dion Fortune, mysticism and alternative culture – as well as of course for the “Glastonbury Music Festival”.  The town’s attractions include a high street packed with mystical shops selling a variety of nearly all imaginable religious, spiritual and magical artefact, tools and paraphernalia  alternative fairtrade clothing, books and (a lot of) crystals! Glastonbury is of course also famous for the Glastonbury Tor, The Chalice Well (& Gardens) and the Glastonbury Abbey Ruins, and as a site of spiritual pilgrimage for many thousands of years. You can find out more about Glastonbury and its attractions here >> Visitors’ Guide to Glastonbury TRAVEL Glastonbury is served by busses and coaches, including services from London and Bristol.  The nearest train station is Castle Cary (about 35 mins by car) and the nearest airport is Bristol.  For more information on travel to Glastonbury see >>> and also see Berrys Coaches for fast (& affordable) services between London Hammersmith and Glastonbury Glastonbury Abbey Where to stay Glastonbury is an alternative haven and there are numerous B&B’s in the town centre within walking distance of everything the town has to offer which caters for every possible diet and need, everything from boutique B&B’s and shared room B&B’s, to artists’ studios, camping, caravans, yurts and tipis are on offer, there is even a couple of mainstream hotels nearby for those who prefer something a bit more “normal” (well you never know!)!.  Explore some of the places on offer for nearly every budget at – we recommend you make sure to book well in advance as it can be difficult – especially on a budget – to find accommodation at the last minute during the summer months.