The Orphic Melinoe by Karin Rainbird

Sunday 23 May 2021 at 6:00pm BST (5:00pm UTC)

Melinoe might have been an orphic theonym for Hekate. 
More information soon.

I call, Melinoe, saffron-veiled, terrene, who from Persephone dread venerable queen, mixt with Zeus Kronion arose, near where Kokytos’ mournful river flows; when, under Plouton’s semblance, Zeus divine deceived with guileful arts dark Persephone . Hence, partly black thy limbs and partly white, from Plouton dark, from Zeus ethereal bright. Thy coloured members, men by night inspire when seen in spectred forms, with terrors dire; now darkly visible, involved in night, perspicuous now they meet the fearful sight. Khthonion queen, expel wherever found the soul’s mad fears to earth’s remotest bound; with holy aspect on our incense shine, and bless thy mystics, and the rites divine.

Karin Rainbird is a Psychologist, Priestess, Witch and Orphic, dwelling in the Welsh valleys, who has always been fascinated with the Greek myths.  As a small child, her bedtime reading was the Greek myths.  She was fascinated by tales of Gods and Heroes, and how the natural world was inhabited by nymphs and daemons, and by how closely entwined the realms of Gods and mortals were.  The Gods walked upon the earth, consorted with mortals, heroes and heroines became deified and became themselves Gods, and others shape changed into flowers, trees or animals, merging into the natural world, and giving their names to flowers, trees or other concepts, which they became.  At the same time, the myths contained wisdom and lessons about life, the importance of virtue and the heroic quest, of piety and honour, the dangers of Hubris and other lessons. 

Her love of the Greek Gods was further inspired through school and college days through their appearance in English literature, from Chaucer to Shakespeare and the English poets.  At University she was introduced to Plato for the first time, as well as Classical Greek plays. She also at that time became involved first in Buddhism and Yoga, and then in the Fellowship of Isis, and began training as a Priestess and was Ordained in Glastonbury in the 1980s.  Upon moving to Wales she was initiated into a Wiccan coven, with Wicca being her main path for several years, and living in Wales, also learned about the Welsh Celtic tradition, as well as studying Heathenry for a year or so.  But the Greek Gods continued to call to her and she wanted to honour them not just as part of an eclectic Wiccan or neo-pagan tradition, but to explore more traditionally Greek ways.  In search, she discovered the living Orphic tradition, which she has been following for the past 4 years, and now teaches the path to students within the UK and has a website about it called