Sponsors: Kourotrophos

Gratitude to the following individuals for their generosity in helping me make this Symposium open to all interested in participating in this event. Hekate’s modern-day devotees come from all over the world, and while we are equal in our love for the Goddess of the Crossroads and our desire to learn and share in experiences with other devotees, our financial situations are not all the same. Taking inspiration from the Equality Meals offered to Hekate and Zeus in Ancient Anatolia, tickets to the Hekate Symposium 2021 is offered at different price points (Enodia and Trioditis) to suit different budgets, as well as ‘by donation’ Polimorphy option (with no minimum donation required, and no prejudice). All ticket holders will receive equal access to both days and all associated activities. This would not be possible without those who are sponsoring this event with Kourotrophos tickets.

Sponsor names will be added here weekly, and appear in no-particular order:

The Goddess Hekate as "child's nurse" or Kourotrophos as described in Hesiod's Theogony and many other ancient texts

Sponsors of the Hekate Symposium 2021:

Lusete of A Wiccan Life: https://wiccanlife.co.uk/

Michael A
Lisa A
Jennifer B
Nixie C
Wanda D
Annelise F
April F
Kari F
Cherie G
Niki J
Sara K
Margarita K
Lind M
Kelly Miess
Jason M
Valerie S
Laurie S
Melissa T
David Todd
Laura vB

Through your support more than a 100 people have signed up for the Polimorphy ticket (by donation) for the Hekate Symposium 2021 and are able to participate in this event without prejudice or financial hardship.  Thank you.