Program: 2021

Please note that this program is subject to change – we will do our best to ensure all participants are informed of changes insofar possible.

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Saturday: Program

4:30 PM BST / 15:30 UTC : Opening Ceremony

5:00 PM BST / 16:00 UTC : A Place of Worship by Georgi Mishev PhD

5:30 PM BST / 16:30 UTC : Many Named Mother of the Gods by Sorita d’Este

6:30 PM BST / 17:30 UTC : Making Revelation and Research Rhyme by Jason Miller


8:00 PM BST / 19:00 UTC : Navigating the Pandemic Year by Caroline Wise & Carrie Kirkpatrick

9:00 PM BST / 20:00 UTC : Following Her Torches by Christina Moraiti

9:30 PM BST / 20:00 UTC : The Balkan Mysteries of Hekate by Georgi Mishev PhD

10:30 BST / 21:30 UTC Closing Ceremony / Meditation

Hekate with Skulls - From the talk of Georgi Mishev on the Goddess Hekate in the Balkans

Sunday: Rite of Her Sacred Fires

1:00 PM BST / 12:00 UCT : The Rite of Her Sacred Fires
Join devotees from around the world in a unique celebration of the Rite of Her Sacred Fires, where we will be going live with Priestesses, Priests, Magicians, Witches, Pagans and devotees of many other traditions lighting a flame for Hekate as part of this now yearly celebration. 1:00PM BST PM to 2:30 BST PM. ALL ARE WELCOME – this celebration forms part of the Hekate Symposium 2021, ticket holders can join in the live event. Note that this is the only part of the Symposium that will also be livestreamed on the day.

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires an international celebration in Devotion to the Goddess Hekate

Sunday: Program

4:30 PM BST / 15:30 UTC : Opening Ceremony

5:00 PM BST / 16:00 UTC : African Hekate by Jack Grayle

6:00 PM BST / 17:00 UTC : The Orphic Melinoe by Karin Rainbird

7:00 PM BST / 18:00 UTC : A Guide to Grimoiring by Jake Stratton Kent


8:30 PM BST / 19:30 UTC : Hekate Ophioplokamos, Gorgo & Medusa by Mat Auryn

9:30 pm BST / 20:30 UTC : Hekate & Shakespeare’s Magic by Emily Carding

10:30 BST / 21:30 UTC : Closing Ceremony