African Hekate by Jack Grayle

African Hekate: The Theban Face of the Crossroads Goddess

Join Jack Grayle for a spirited review of the Greek Goddess’s African aspect as revealed by the cultural influences and sorcerous techniques of Roman Egypt in late antiquity.

Jack Grayle is a working sorcerer who teaches courses on the magic of Hekate and the PGM at He is the author of the grimoire The Hekataeon, and his writings have been published by Ixaxaar, Aeon Sophia, Hadean Press, Anathema, and Sabbatica. He has been invited to present at numerous events such as Black Flame PDX, the International Left Hand Path Consortium, and the Welsh Occult Conference. Updates on his work may be found at

The Hekataeon cover
The Hekataeon Bookcover

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