Mary Bruce – Hecate’s Herbs

Mary Bruce - Hecate's Herbs in Glastonbury (Medicinal and Magical Herbalist)

Mary Bruce is a Medical Herbalist, Clinical Tutor, Priestess of Avalon, Priestess Enchantress of the Sacred Land, Morgen Sister, Morgen Transformational Healer, Soul Healer, Nutritional Therapist, Horticulturalist, Bee Friend and Devotee of Hecate.

Mary has lived in Glastonbury for the last seven years and is a regular Ceremonialist, Melissa and Healer with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. She is author of the Herbarium Morgens.

Mary’s Herbal Medicine clinic, dispensary and medicinal herb garden are five minutes walk from central Glastonbury

She is available for private consultations as a Medical Herbalist and Healer.
Mary teaches the Morgen Sibyl, Shapeshifter and Priestess trainings in service to the Nine Morgens of Avalon.

Hecate’s Herbs is a series of three practical weekend workshops exploring
The Knowings, The Makings and The Brewings of Sacred Herbalism held within the Temenos of Hecate, Keykeeper of Herbalism 01458 833724

Workshop: Mary will present a workshop on her work with herbs.  
More information soon.