Arabela Jade – Evocative Tarot

Arabela Jade, Glastonbury in Chalice Well Gardens, where the waters of the sacred red spring flows. She is a Tarot Reader and Psychic, as well as a Witch and Priestess whose work on YouTube is followed by thousands around the world in the Spanish Speaking community.Arabela Jade is a Psychic, Tarot reader, Witch, and Priestess who lives in Glastonbury.  Her work with the Tarot started in 2002 when having discovered her passion for working with this system of divination she developed her own method with which to lift the veil to the mysteries of magic. She is a member of the Covenant of Hekate, a Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis and has also explored witchcraft and sorcery in Mediterranean traditions.

Her popular program “La Hora Bruja” (The Witch Hour)  on YouTube has a large following within the Spanish speaking community.  Arabela is a regular contributor to Spanish language esoteric magazines and radio shows, and additionally leads tours for visiting groups within the landscape of Ancient Avalon.

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Workshop: Evocative Tarot
Sunday, 23rd September – Avalon Rooms

In this workshop Arabela will be sharing her Evocative Tarot techniques with participants, using pathworking (creative visualisation), meditation, sigilisation, mantras, contemplation, mental and astral projection, to evoke the energy of a specific Tarot card and take advantage of the qualities of the Arcanum. Evocative Tarot allows you in this way to connect not only with the archetype and symbolism but also with the entities and deities associated with them.

Arabela will use the Arcanum II – The High Priestess to illustrate how to connect with the goddess Hekate and her mysteries using this method.  This will encourage participants to understand the Tarot from a different perspective and a technique they will be able to take away and incorporate into their own work with the Tarot and Gods.